At Hinova, we take it as our mission to discover and develop new therapies to meet unmet medical needs. We shall always remember that our work and our products are for patients. We are trying to tackle the most challenging medical problems and our research is driven by cutting-edge science. We welcome people who share our values, like challenges, and are goal-oriented and self-motivated with strong desires to succeed to join us. Each employee is considered as a member of the Hinova family. At Hinova, we have a working environment that not only allows employees to make the full use of their skills and talents, but also allows employee to grow to their full potential.

Hinova is an equal opportunity employer and we offer highly competitive compensation packages. Our recruitment covers areas including organic synthesis, process development, analytical chemistry, formulation research, project management, administration assistant etc. Those who like to be a member of the Hinova family, please send your CV to Your CV will be kept for 2 years. When there are job openings that match your background, we will contact you.

Job title: project leader (associate director or director)

Job description: this incumbent will join the R/D team and lead and mange projects through all stages of drug discovery and preclinical development.He/she will report to CSO.


PhD in biomedical research or pharmacology with postdoctoral experience in academia or pharmaceutical companies; BS or MS with strong pharmaceutical experience will be considered;

2+ years of working in drug discovery/development;

Understanding PK and PK/PD correlation is required;

Excellent communication skills (both written and oral);

Understanding immuno-oncology is a plus;

Experience with discovery/development of biologics is a plus.

Department: new drug discovery.

Job location:​Chengdu, China.

Date posted: 07/28/2017.

Job title: synthetic medicinal chemist

Job Description:

This chemist will join the medicinal chemistry team, new drug discovery department. His/her responsibilities include the synthesis and purification of novel compounds for potential clinical drug development. The successful candidate will work in teams to develop, implement and perform organic reactions for ongoing medicinal chemistry programs. His/her responsibilities also include the troubleshooting of synthetic routes and reactions, as well as the scouting of new synthetic routes. This individual will perform structural determinations using NMR and mass spectral techniques and purify compounds using a variety of modern techniques. Additional responsibilities

include maintaining laboratory notebooks, participating in group and project meetings, presenting to groups and aiding in the writing of papers and patent application.

Qualifications:Master’s degree OR Bachelor’s degree;

2+ years of focus or specialization in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry (academic and/or industrial);Demonstrated ability to scout and troubleshoot synthetic routes;Demonstration of good lab practices, with particular attention to safety;Knowledge of the application of parallel synthesis techniques to medicinal chemistry is a plus;Clear understanding of structural determination using NMR

and Mass Spectral techniques as well as knowledge of purification methods;Ability to work well in teams;Excellent communication skills (both written and oral).

Department: medicinal chemistry team.

Job location: Chengdu, China.

Date posted: 05/28/2017.

Hinova is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment.